Noise-Living room-Anti matter

Bezalel Academy MFA Thesis show, Tel Aviv. Curators: Nicola Trezzi & Yossi Breger.

Foam board, PVC, 2 Video projections, variable dimentions.

Installation View

still images from the video Noise-Living room-Anti matter

The work Noise-Living room-Anti-matter (2016) that was presented in Bezelel MFA graduate show, combines two kinds of logical systems that come into collision. The installation of three sculptural obects made out of large foam board plates and PVC,  two of them contains video projections. The videos describing movements inside a virtual model, and scenes from my living room of different kinds of moments that allude to sculptures within the exhibition space. The collision between the artistic and every-day living as well as the collision of the two and three dimentional is brought up with every clash of material and content all inside the minimalistic silence.
The movement is inside a model built out of simple images invites the viewer to skip over the intimacy of family life or the mess and laundry, and see how the two dimensional, virtual surfaces are being built as a new pseudo three dimensional place. It is a transitional situation that departs from the physical and refers to a movement through space as a mental condition. The “Third area”,a term by the psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott referring to a mental perception that offers a transitional space in which there is the possibility of not determining between the real and the imagined. This simultaneously allows for the playful and creative to occur. The strange objects in the living room made of foam board and PVC function as materials which are simultaneously real and unreal.

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