On-Non: 3 works

3 works that stands for 3 points of view. works was shown as part of the exhibition On-non at Gal-on Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by Karni  Barzilay

1The house without neighbour, 2The series of structures, 3Black plant (untitled)

Left: kardan real estate building, 2011, styrofoam and cement.    Right: Black plant, 2011, Epoxy razin relief

Exhibition view with the works: Series of buildings, The House without a neighbor (+detail), 2011

ON – Non
Nivi Alroy, Yael Ben Shalom, Aya Eliav and Gali Grinspan
Curator: Karni Barzilay

From the exhibition text by Karni Barzilay:

Gali Greenspan explores and examines the local, urban space. Through her work "The Series of Structures, 2011", she "borrows" the identity of contemporary alienated, glittering structures wrapped up in glass, turning them into engaged opaque concrete structures. Greenspan redirects the sky scrapers which have become a distinctive mark of corporate architecture back to the place they have turned away from, i.e., massive brutalist buildings, the kind identified with the modern architecture of the 1950s. Greenspan's objects draw away from the popular culture the subjects originally aspired to. In her work "The House without a neighbor", 2011 and "Untitled, (plant)", 2011, the action takes place in a private, more intimate space. The gaze is turned toward the separation point of the indoors from the outdoors and is fixed on the juncture. The plant is striving to expand its limits out of the flowerpot and over the entire space, "the arms’ movement", the excessive vegetation, both make it extremely difficult to disentangle the visible thicket. The residential building reveals the neighboring wall which has already been demolished and is marked by black ceramic tiles. The wall of the building is still standing erect, but it stands for emptiness, for what once used to be an interior wall. Both these works externalize meeting points, part of "a place" that has now become disengaged and detached.