Exhibition at Cohen Gallery, Alfred, NY, March 12 2020-April 4 2020 Was closed to the public due to COVID19

Instalation view: 2 One channel videos, 2 printed synthetic carpets installed, 1 printed aluminum flasing, 2 large glazed ceramic slabs, 1 digital print on paper, 1 ceramic glazed black square on a slab.

The pieces in this exhibition span a variety of media, including real-life video footage, sampled sound, analogue processed footage, ceramics and real-space print installations using household materials. The disorientation experienced in the architectural forms and in the event chronologies in videos turns those to a material and tangible experience. Intimacy, emotional flooding and tensed expectations for coherent order are raised within transitional spaces. Greenspan work often intersects itself, collaging images and ideas and transporting them in between mediums. In this exhibition, the works shifts time and space from its video duration to spatial duration.
The Cohen Gallery manager and curator: Caitlin Brown

Photographs: Lydia McCarthy