Vitrine window

This work was originaly installed in a pre-occiupied space (family occupied living room), continued by being transfered into a facade towards a busy street and later was installed again in another public place - a hospital (a place that contained the noition of a mass of poeple). The artwork through all its stages was always un-sperated from an everyday notions of real life in opposing to sperated ‘art’ spaces.

Above: PVC samples installation on a family living room typical ‘vitrine’ window, 2015.

Below: Redoing the PVC installation insoide a vitrine space at salame street Tel Aviv (Dou-show with Niv Cohen), Dec.2015, Jan. 2016.

Below: The PVC Samples Vitrine window at Shiba medical center Tel Hashomer, Israel, 2016 (one year installation, with the addition of the work ‘black plant’ an Epoxy resin relief).