Exhibition at Frontispace Gallery, Sage Center for the Arts at University of Rochester, NY, October 14th -November 18th 2022
“Being a parent, artist, earning a living and teaching, I create in an occupied space. By placing a grid and initiate movement I am trying to control and reverse myself. The ‘Grid’ is not unified, it is contradictory And grounds multiple viewpoints, crossing lines of binary divisions of logic systems of the virtual and the real existence.”

Frontispace is pleased to announce Synthetics, an exhibition of work by Gali Greenspan. Greenspan’s solo show at Frontispace showcases a new body of work that resulted from a set of synthesized images and analog video footage dveloped into moving images sequances, printed frames re-orgenized in dimensional spaces, and digital XY-plotter drawings. These large prints on mass-produced carpets made specifically for this space, documents the materiality of analog systems; the inherent glitches and noise replicates Greenspan’s own emotional duality of upheaval and joy.